« Listen, understand, sometimes even guess… and be inspired by you and your project »


My role is to accompany you in creating a distinct decorative harmony that will bring a unique dimension to your interior, venue or event, blending your given concept into something destinctly new and different.

I help you to transgress conventional codes and fads to affirm YOUR message. More than simply decorating for and with you, I show you how to sublimate your project and create it’s « essence »… : Create a magnificent effect using the natural elegance of simplicity.


Because you know what you need but you aren’t able to visually capture it.


Because you are missing a decorative common thread to your project or

Because you are not succeeding in finding a suitable, subtle and pleasantly surprising atmosphere with which to convey your message.


I listen and question and try to slip into your mind to transform your thoughts into images, I create an atmosphere where subtility is central to your goal.

Above all, I dare to take you off the trodden path to where the result will be unforgettable.