Let’s make this happen

1st STAGE :

We define your needs, your wishes. We highlight the priorities and the essential elements in these together and use this to extract your message or statement.

I furnish a full and itemized total budget for your project.


2nd STAGE :

We research the style and the atmosphere of your project together. You orientate my work by indicating your taste and your wishes.


3rd STAGE :

I supply sketches and drawings to help visualize your project, you can use these to follow and correct the decorative « esprit » if you wish.


4th STAGE :

Together, we select furniture, accessoires and materials that are in harmony with the chosen mood board.


5th STAGE :

I take care of asking for quotes from the selected suppliers. I send you ALL offers and help you select.


6th STAGE :

I handle project management with each supplier as well as installation. In case of an event, I supervise breaking down as well.


You have a project but are wondering how the collaboration with me would work ?

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss simply